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Just thought id throw this out there…

We’ve been in a long distance relationship for 3 years. Three years of dating and doing what we have to. We are still madly in love and committed to each other. You do not HAVE to get married young just because you’re in a military relationship. I will be 23 years old this year and I’m not freaking out about it! Don’t take marriage lightly. It’s a union that you should both be ready for!

So for those who feel like “I’ve been with him for this long, should we get married?” Or “I’m not ready but he wants to” this is for you.

Distance is NOT impossible.

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Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

I know that sometimes Valentines Day can be hard. Some people dread hearing the words because it reminds them of emptiness! But be sad no longer! If you don’t have a valentine this year or for some reason you can’t be with your valentine, don’t look at today as something negative. Valentines day is about appreciating the loved ones in your life. There are PLENTY of people that love you….hell, I love you! So celebrate me! Love is more than just a connection between two people sexually! Love is powerful. In my opinion it’s the strongest force on Earth. So today while you’re walking around and seeing couples and their mushy status updates, don’t be angry or sad, because you are alive! And whether you realize it or not, you have people in your life that love you and more people to come in the future. Some day you’ll get a specific Valentine…someone that you’ve always been looking for, but that person is having a little trouble/is a bit confused, and giving candies to the wrong person this year…so just give them a break. They’ll learn someday. So just remember that you are loved. I love you. If someone asks you if you have a valentine, today, say “why, yes I do. More than one in fact!”
Happy valentines day!!

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The start of our new life…

Babes contract is up in a matter of time, and he is now trying for another job that will put him in another 5 year contract. I really don’t mind because I know how much he loves what he does, it’s just a lot to wrap my mind around and prepare for. This job is a lot harder and scarier (for me) than what he has been doing the past few years, so I gotta start preparing myself. It’s gonna be hard, for both of us!
As long as we are together we can do absolutely anything, so I’m not worried about it.
Just please keep us in your thoughts if you don’t mind. The next year is gonna be a lot and it’s gonna be stressful and we could both really use the prayers :)
Thanks guys!

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I might get some hate for this…but it needs to be said..

Yesterday in my Pilates class (for school) the teacher was making us go around and say our names, major and one fun fact about us. The girl that was sitting next to me said: “Hi I’m ____ studying ____ and my interesting fact is that my boyfriend is in the army.”
Jesus fuckjng christ people!
I understand that we are alllll proud of our men/women. I get that. I know that most if not all of our thoughts are consumed by them or military things since that is where our hearts are and they’re away…but please, have a sense of individualism. Don’t get so caught up in the “milso” life that you lose yourself. You’re occupation is not “military wife or military girlfriend” it may be wife or stay at home mom or something (which is completely fine!) but the military should not define who you are unless you have home through bootcamp!
Now before you you’d start jumping down my throat about how my whole blog is dedicated to the military and helping others and venting…it’s because this is my place to VENT! Tumblr is my place to support you guys and help with anything I can…but I don’t go around and meet people saying “Hi I’m a marine girlfriend!”.
Please don’t lose yourself. Be you! Love yourself and remember your dreams :)

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Hey y’all :)

Recently I’ve seen (on the milso tag), a lot of new milsos who are about to go through bootcamp/basic or even some about to go through deployment. I just wanted to let you guys know that if you have any questions about anything or want to talk I’m here :) I’ve been in the military life for four years and I’m here to help!
Basic/bootcamp, MOS schooling, deployment, Etc.

Stay strong and god bless :)

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Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with how much I love you and I try my best to tell you and then it comes out in this big mushy paragraph and I don’t want to be annoying so then I don’t (always) and then I just sit here and miss you.I wish I could constantly show you how much I love you instead. If I was with you, it would be so much easier. Because I could just look at you, grab your hand and smile, and that would be enough. But instead I’m stuck all the way over here with over a million words in the English language and I can’t find the right way to put them together.

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