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Last night at a friends house,

I met a lot of new people and were just sitting around outside drinking and having a good time. Then I overhear one of the guys say that he’s in the Marines. So I go up to him and say:

Oh my gosh! You’re in the Marines? 


Yes, I’m a Marine. (definitely thinking I don’t know anything about the Marine Corps)


Oh nice! So, what’s your MOS?


My, uh, what?…..em-oh-ess?


There’s no way you’re in the Marines if you don’t know what I’m talking about. It means your job. what’s your job?


Well, you see, I went to bootcamp, but seven weeks in I got medically discharged. But I’m going back in October!

Me:’re a recruit. Not a Marine. You haven’t earned that Title yet.

Then, I swear to God, right after this convo…one of his friends came up and said:

Oh my gosh, not more Marine Corps talk. I’m in the Airforce. That’s where it’s at.


Oh, what do you do in the Airforce? I assumed you went to school here.

Other guy:

Well, I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing. I leave for basic in December.



What do people not understand? You don’t sign up for the military and then all of a sudden become a part of that military branch. You have to earn it. Prove to everyone that you deserve the title, no matter what branch is is. If you haven’t finished, or even STARTED you’re basic training…do not..and I repeat, DO NOT say you’re part of that branch.

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Attention all milso’s and military men/women: A “Just in case” letter…

I know that this is kinda depressing, but it is totally realistic to how us milso’s and military men and women live our lives. 

I just saw on the internet about this thing called a “just in case letter”.

The “just in case letter” all started with a woman, who’s husband left a letter with her name on it on their dresser, before he was deployed. Saying his last goodbye and anything he wanted to say “just in case” something happened to him. That letter sat through two deployments without being touched, but they both knew that it was there. Unfortunately three weeks into her husbands last tour, he was KIA. Although she never wanted to ever open that letter, she is SO thankful that her husband left her that letter.

This is primarily for people in the military, so if you think that this is a good idea, maybe you and your SO can talk about maybe doing something like this. Whether it’s a actual letter that you keep or you can do it online. You can go to a website ( and sign up to create your “just in case letter”. When you make the letter, You put an email address at the bottom, to whom the letter is written to and it sends them a code to get to the letter. 

I know that this isn’t something that we want to think about, while our men/women are away protecting our country, but it is realistic and if you can’t handle that, you have a lot coming. I hope that you NEVER have to open your “just in case letter” from your SO, but if something ever happens, wouldn’t you want a last “talk” with him/her?

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Promise In A Locket

On a warm July evening,

Cuddled up in bed,

With his arms around me,

His chest hugged by my head.

Everything’s so perfect,

I wanted him to stay,

He says, “of course I’ll stay tonight, 

But there’s something I need to say”.

He tells me in one week,

our lives will change for good,

I will have to stand alone,

Where both our feet once stood.

He told me, “I’ll come back,

This is only for a while.

Please don’t cry, please be strong,

And show me that great smile.

I tried the best I could,

To put on a happy face,

But how in the world would I survive,

Without him in this place?

I fell asleep in his arms that night,

Wishing time would stop right there,

Knowing that in a couple nights,

His side would feel so bare.

When I woke up in the morning, 

I found a long box near my bed,

The thought of what’s inside,

Was just one of millions in my head.

He said, “Go ahead, open it!

I got it just for you!

Something to hold close while I’m gone,

To show our love is true.

When I opened up the box,

A locket did I see,

The most beautiful of all necklaces,

You’re so good to me”.

He helped me put it on,

Kissing my neck as he did,

He’s leaving, this is truly real,

But all my fears I hid.

He said, “okay now there’s just one catch,

for giving this gift to you.

You cannot look at what’s inside,

Until I tell you to.

I will return, this promise I swear,

and until the moment that I do,

No peeking in the necklace, promise?

You know, I really do love you

Before we knew it, time flew by,

And it was time for him to go,

I hugged and kissed him one last time,

And those hidden tears, did show.

 ”Remember our promises to each other,

I’ll see you soon my dear,

Please stay strong, I’ll miss you too,

But in your heart, I’ll always be near.”


Months had passed, with little talking,

But our love had grown so strong,

I tried to keep myself from breaking,

Listening to our favorite song.

Every night before I fell sleep, 

I held onto my chest,

Wishing I could see inside,

But I knew to do what’s best.

"I love you", I said,

"And that, I always will,

Please come home soon my love,

I keep your promise still.”

When I woke up in the morning,

From a loud knock at the door,

"Who could be here this early?

And what do they need me for??”

When I looked out the peep hole, 

There was nothing in the way,

Just the front of my house,

And the start of a beautiful day.

I felt the need to look for myself,

Opening up the door,

There was no one standing there,

But there was an envelope on the floor.

It said on the front “TO MY LOVE”,

and my heart began to race,

I was so confused on how it got there,

Tears streaming down my face.

In the envelope held a note,

That said two simple words,

It was in his handwriting that he wrote,

"Open It", in his voice I heard,

It took me a second to realize what he meant,

It had been so long since he made me swear,

I realized that he wanted me to, 

Open the necklace that I wear.

I looked down at the heart,

I’ve been waiting for this day,

I needed to know what’s inside,

What did the message say?

When I finally got inside,

A little paper did I see,

It said, again in his writing,

"Will you marry me?"

My heart stopped beating for a second,

And I let out a simple sigh,

Around the corner came my man,

And I began to cry.

He was still dressed in uniform,

Through the tears, that I could see,

He had the biggest smile worn,

And got down on one knee.

He said, “I promised I’d come back

and that our love was true. 

I’m glad you kept your promise,

so there’s something I must do.

No matter where I am in the world,

I need you in my life,

Please do me the honor and say yes,

That you will be my wife”

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Happy Fourth of July everyone :) :)

And thank you for everything that you do!

To all the military men/women who fight for our country and make it a better place for us to live and keep our independence. 

To all the military families, wives, husbands, fiances, and girl/boyfriends who spend most of their time without their loved ones, so that we can continue to stay free. Thank you for everything that you do and supporting your military man so that he can continue to serve!

I hope everyone had a great day today and remember that even thought fireworks and cookouts are really fun, what the real reason for Fourth Of July is :)

God bless everyone who is serving, has served, or will serve our country. May God be with you and bless you and keep you all safe.

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Words of advice, when buying military support clothing…

I know all girlfriends get so excited and want some sort of shirt or sweatshirt that supports their man, BUT you have to be careful when it comes to choosing the right thing.

-Most girlfriends will want to get something that says “USMC GIRLFRIEND” or “ARMY GIRLFRIEND”…but let’s stop and think about this real quick. It’s cute and all, but then what happens if you guys DO last and you get married? You can’t wear that anymore..because you’re a wife. SOOO my advice if you’re going to buy military support clothing is to get something that just says the branch, like “Marines” or “ARMY” or “NAVY”. If you don’t want to get something that plain you can still get something like “I love my Marine/Soldier/Sailor” etc, because that will work at any time! 

-Also, it is reallyy silly for girls to get stuff with their SO’s rank on them! You DO know that they change, right? haha It makes me laugh whenever I see girls get stuff like “I love my Pfc”. PLEASE don’t waste your money on something that is going to change! The only reason you should get something with his rank on it, is if he’s out of the military or retires with a rank.

Just thought I’d give you a little advice on the subject :) 

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What the actual FUCK Obama?

Obama has made it okay, for people to lie and say that they are retired military, with no punishment. They can write it on their job applications and everything and it’s completely fine.

Are you fucking serious? I don’t even understand why that even makes sense to anyone!

As long as the person is not getting paid more BECAUSE they are retired military, anyone is allowed to put that on an application or job description without any penalty.

So, when I’m like 45 years old, I can say that I’m a retired 1st Lieutenant of the Marine Corps? That’s just fucking bullshit. The government is getting fucking ridiculous these days…

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