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Attention all milso’s and military men/women: A “Just in case” letter…

I know that this is kinda depressing, but it is totally realistic to how us milso’s and military men and women live our lives. 

I just saw on the internet about this thing called a “just in case letter”.

The “just in case letter” all started with a woman, who’s husband left a letter with her name on it on their dresser, before he was deployed. Saying his last goodbye and anything he wanted to say “just in case” something happened to him. That letter sat through two deployments without being touched, but they both knew that it was there. Unfortunately three weeks into her husbands last tour, he was KIA. Although she never wanted to ever open that letter, she is SO thankful that her husband left her that letter.

This is primarily for people in the military, so if you think that this is a good idea, maybe you and your SO can talk about maybe doing something like this. Whether it’s a actual letter that you keep or you can do it online. You can go to a website ( and sign up to create your “just in case letter”. When you make the letter, You put an email address at the bottom, to whom the letter is written to and it sends them a code to get to the letter. 

I know that this isn’t something that we want to think about, while our men/women are away protecting our country, but it is realistic and if you can’t handle that, you have a lot coming. I hope that you NEVER have to open your “just in case letter” from your SO, but if something ever happens, wouldn’t you want a last “talk” with him/her?

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I’m not sure why, probably because I’m a little OCD..and on my period,

(and probably because whenever I used to say it..he would correct me, forcefully haha)

But it reallyyyy pisses me off whenever someone that’s going into the Marines or is dating someone trying to be a Marine or is a Marine..and they say something about them being at “basic training”. 


NO! It’s Bootcamp. Marines go to BOOT CAMP.

I know it’s kinda different, but that’s like saying someone goes to Ohio State College instead of Ohio State University.

Marines go to bootcamp. Know your shit, cause if you say that to a will be corrected. haha

okay. done rant.

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Happy Fourth of July everyone :) :)

And thank you for everything that you do!

To all the military men/women who fight for our country and make it a better place for us to live and keep our independence. 

To all the military families, wives, husbands, fiances, and girl/boyfriends who spend most of their time without their loved ones, so that we can continue to stay free. Thank you for everything that you do and supporting your military man so that he can continue to serve!

I hope everyone had a great day today and remember that even thought fireworks and cookouts are really fun, what the real reason for Fourth Of July is :)

God bless everyone who is serving, has served, or will serve our country. May God be with you and bless you and keep you all safe.

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What the actual FUCK Obama?

Obama has made it okay, for people to lie and say that they are retired military, with no punishment. They can write it on their job applications and everything and it’s completely fine.

Are you fucking serious? I don’t even understand why that even makes sense to anyone!

As long as the person is not getting paid more BECAUSE they are retired military, anyone is allowed to put that on an application or job description without any penalty.

So, when I’m like 45 years old, I can say that I’m a retired 1st Lieutenant of the Marine Corps? That’s just fucking bullshit. The government is getting fucking ridiculous these days…

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"I chose this life…"

some milso’s get mad when they hear this and they’re like 

Ummmm No. I fell in love with him wayyy before the military!


No..I fell in love with him and the military just so happened to be apart of his life. I didn’t want this..I just wanted him!

But honestly for me, I feel that I did choose this. We chose this life.

I met him when we were Seniors in high school. I fell in love with him before he was in the military, BUT when we first starting dating he told me that he was thinking about joining the Marine Corps. I wasn’t even sure that we were going to last, I was just kinda taking it day by day, so when he said this, I just responded with how I always do when I hear that a friend is joining the military "That’s awesome, I’m really proud of you, but I’m gonna miss you."

I never knew how much that statement would come true and become a huge part of my life…but I DID choose this life.

I thought, “Hey, I’ll give it a try…I really like him maybe we can make a military relationship work. It can’t be THAT hard”.

But damn was I a freaking moron for saying that. haha (at least the last sentence)

Being in a military relationship, whether you’re dating, married, engaged whatever…is really really hard. It takes a lot out of you and there are some days where you just want to curl up and cry until he/she comes home.

But every time I feel that way, I’m always like…”remember I chose this. This is what I want. I want him. I want everything about him. I love him and I do all of this for a reason.”

My point of all this, is that some girls forget that we chose to do what we do and that we’re doing all of this for a reason. We’re doing it for what develops on the way and what we get in the end with the love of our lives. Please don’t act like this was just thrusted upon you. No grown male Marine was dropped off in a wooden basket on your doorstep. (okay maybe a bad analogy haha)

Remember that you’re fighting for something way greater than the little challenges you go through each day. Stay strong…You can do this.

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You've got to be kidding me...?

Yay! I get paid on Friday! :)
Damn! Daddy needs some new shoes!
*you've got to be kidding me*
I cannot believe you just said that -.-
Yeah, call me daddy from now on.
The only time I'll call you daddy is when I'm pregnant...sooo you still want that?
We might be able to work together on another name....
Yeah that's what I thought! :)

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