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Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

I know that sometimes Valentines Day can be hard. Some people dread hearing the words because it reminds them of emptiness! But be sad no longer! If you don’t have a valentine this year or for some reason you can’t be with your valentine, don’t look at today as something negative. Valentines day is about appreciating the loved ones in your life. There are PLENTY of people that love you….hell, I love you! So celebrate me! Love is more than just a connection between two people sexually! Love is powerful. In my opinion it’s the strongest force on Earth. So today while you’re walking around and seeing couples and their mushy status updates, don’t be angry or sad, because you are alive! And whether you realize it or not, you have people in your life that love you and more people to come in the future. Some day you’ll get a specific Valentine…someone that you’ve always been looking for, but that person is having a little trouble/is a bit confused, and giving candies to the wrong person this year…so just give them a break. They’ll learn someday. So just remember that you are loved. I love you. If someone asks you if you have a valentine, today, say “why, yes I do. More than one in fact!”
Happy valentines day!!

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Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with how much I love you and I try my best to tell you and then it comes out in this big mushy paragraph and I don’t want to be annoying so then I don’t (always) and then I just sit here and miss you.I wish I could constantly show you how much I love you instead. If I was with you, it would be so much easier. Because I could just look at you, grab your hand and smile, and that would be enough. But instead I’m stuck all the way over here with over a million words in the English language and I can’t find the right way to put them together.

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Here’s what I know about love, at 22 years old.

Now, this doesn’t have to pertain to military relationships, distance, or anything….just plain old mushy gushy love. The long of the short of it, is that it’s not always that. It’s not always mushy, gushy, and what you see in the movies. Loving someone is hard. No wait, scratch that…let me say it a different way. Falling in love is SO easy; effortless, even. But staying in love, that’s the hard part. After a while you both will have to put effort into staying in love. But, that’s just how it is. And, sorry to break it to you romantics, but I’m going to be like your parents when they told you Santa wasn’t real….If you believe that there is only ONE person in the world for you, you’re an idiot. That’s just a stupid belief that is created by today’s love stories, fairy tales, and Nicholas Sparks books. Okay, so now you’re probably mad…but think about it. Out of EVERYONE in this world, you are gonna say that the person you are with/that you end up with is the ONLY one who could make you feel that way? Noo way. My boyfriend and I have even had this conversation before…we are madly in love, but it’s a bit childish to say that we couldn’t love anybody else. BUT DOESN’T THAT MAKE IT EVEN MORE SPECIAL?? It makes the bond between us that much more amazing because we could be with anyone, we could love anyone, but we just want each other. We are done looking and yeah there could be other people that match our personalities and what we look for in a spouse, but why bother with them when we have each other. Loving a person is hard. It’s all about not giving up, even when times are hard and not letting the other person walk away even when they tell you to let them go. I was actually thinking today, there were so many times, when I could have given up on us…some could argue and say that I should have given up…and that would have been it. Done. But, I didn’t. I never will. I will always grab his hand if he ever walks out the door. I am never going to give up on him and I know he will do the same for me. Loving someone doesn’t mean that things will be perfect. Every couple argues, every couple says things they don’t mean sometimes, and every couple has the ability to get over it all….but in the end which one will you be? When you get married, what two words come to mind. “I do.” duh, that was an easy question. But think about it, saying “I do.” doesn’t stop that day. You need to say “i do” every single day from that day on. You should have 60+ years together of you both waking up in the morning and rolling over to the other persons awful morning breath and you still say “i do”. Because, we all know people that are divorced. We all know that just because you say “I do” on your wedding doesn’t mean that you have no other choice and that the other person is glued next to you. Loving someone is about saying “i do” “i do” “i do” “i do” every single day even when “you dont.”

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Deployment Homecoming Day 2013

copyright to: Proudmarinesgirl

This was by far the best day of my life….I love you more than life itself.

(please do not steal/claim as your own/take off my name from this! Thanks!)

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Everything and everyone in your life is temporary. That’s it. Sad? Yeah…but it’s true.
So if there is someone you want or something you want in your life, for the rest of time, fight for it.
Don’t let it get away.
Make it a part of forever.
The end.

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