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Everything and everyone in your life is temporary. That’s it. Sad? Yeah…but it’s true.
So if there is someone you want or something you want in your life, for the rest of time, fight for it.
Don’t let it get away.
Make it a part of forever.
The end.

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From this day on, I am not gonna worry about the future or what is to come. I am not going to stress myself out about stuff that may or may not happen, I am just going to hope for the best and try my hardest to live in the moment. I am about to start my last year of school and then after that, I will focus on what I need to do, but focusing on a job, where I’m going to live, etc., is only holding me back from current opportunities that may come my way. I love my man, and I want nothing more than to spend my life with him, but I just need to learn that everything happens the way it’s supposed to happen and when it is supposed to happen and when our time comes to be together and live happily ever after, it will.

I love you babe and no matter what, my heart will always be yours.

To the future, and whatever it has in store for us.

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Have you ever just sat outside in the snow? Feeling the cold on your skin, but it doesn’t matter. Your warm thoughts are enough to keep you out there for hours. Have you ever just watched the snowflakes fall on your jacket? There is something truly beautiful about snowflakes. Not only do they all look different; beautiful in their own way. But it’s not just the shape of them that makes them beautiful. It’s how delicate they are. You can stare at it on your jacket for hours, but you can’t touch it. Even the warmth of a single finger, will make the snowflake disappear forever. No other snowflake is like it. One move, and you will never see it again. I guess that’s what makes it beautiful. No one has ever seen that snowflake. No one has ever seen something so beautiful, and yet you have complete control of it. Be careful when you’re sitting outside. Breathe in the cold air. Enjoy it, because just like the snowflake, it’s a moment that you’ll never get back.

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