love worth fighting for

A Love Worth fighting for

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I have been so down recently…

And I know it’s a combination of school stress, missing home, pmsing and missing my man, but it’s getting to the point where I can barely handle it. I am graduating college in like 3.5 weeks. So as you can imagine the workload and assignments are freaking crazy. I also work 20 hours a week (at least) on top of that so that’s not helping. And Babe has been in Texas training for the past few weeks and we have barely been able to talk and it sucks. All I want is like one solid conversation with him. His service is so bad that I get a text like every couple days and it’s like “hey how are you??” And then nothing else for days…ugh I know I’m just being whiney right now but I can barely take it. I’m at my limit and I need some happiness.

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Last night my sister and I went to Miley Cyrus BANGERZ tour! It was an amazingggg show. I know people give her so much shit but I love Miley and I respect her for having fun, being herself and not giving a fuck. Go see her y’all she’s an amazing singer. (Ps sorry my cell phone pics are shitty quality haha)