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A Love Worth fighting for

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Anonymous asked: Any advice to girls that are virgins having sex for the first time?

Haha man I’m getting all the heavy questions this week! (I kinda like it!)

Ummm well the first thing that I want to say is make sure that you’re ready. I know people say that all the time but it’s true. Don’t do it just because the other person wants you to or you feel pressured by peers or anything. I had sex for the first time when I was almost 16 years old and honestly, if I could go back I would wait. I wasn’t ready. At all. He wanted to and was begging me and begging me and then finally I just gave in. But, please don’t be like me. You should never “GIVE IN” to giving up your virginity. I wish I would have waited until I was sure at least, and I would have LOVED for my boyfriend now to have had me for the first time.
Also you will ALWAYS remember your first one. He/she will always be a part of you and when you think about sex that person will always come to mind, so make sure you’re okay with having that person be a permanent chapter in your life. I just saw my ex who took my virginity this past weekend actually, and you know how it was? HORRIBLE. He acted like he didn’t even know who I was and didn’t feel the need to acknowledge me even after I made an attempt. So yeah it sucks that someone who took something from me that I can’t and won’t ever get back….doesn’t even have the nerve to look me In the eye.
But anyways I’m not trying to scare you or talk you out of it, but be ready, for yourself. You should love the person and you should have a special moment.
Oh speaking of “special moments” don’t think that it’s gonna be like the movies. My first time (and I’m sure a lot would agree) was pretty awful/awkward/stressful haha. People think it’s gonna be this sexy thing but in reality it CAN be hilarious and awkward. He was a virgin and I was a virgin and neither of us had ANY IDEA what we were doing haha. It was like “is this okay?….ouch that hurts…ok that’s better…am I crushing you?” Hahaha

But I hope this helps. I’m always here if you need me :)

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Anonymous asked: You are so pretty!!! How do you stay so fit??

Thank you :)
I have a really active lifestyle. I have been a vegetarian for the past 6 years and I tend to eat really healthy! Not only that but I go to the gym at least every other day to stay fit and toned!

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Anonymous asked: Advice on getting over a first love?

Goodness,..where to even start. Well, first off I want to start off by sayin that I have been in love one other time before now. I dated a guy for two years and I really did love him. When we broke up I was turned inside out. I had relationships after but nothing like what we had. I never thought that I would get over him and I definitely never thought that I would find someone I loved like him let alone more than him.
But I did.
One day after I had given up on relationships as a whole, I went to a party and my eyes directly went to a face I had never seen before. I face that I would never be able to forget, a face that now I hope will be the first thing I see very morning for the rest of my life. I fell in love so hard that it made my other love seem like a simple crush.
I know that people say there’s a certain somebody out there for everyone? Well I believe that’s true TO AN EXTENT. I do not believe that there is only one person for you. I think you can fall in love with many people over your life time but maybe ONE will be your true love. Anyways, my point of saying all that is for you to keep your head up. Just like you said they were your FIRST love…not your last love. Your last love is still out there searching the end of the earth for you, or wasting their time with their first, second…twelfth love….but soon they will realize that they’re not meant to be. I know it’s hard getting over somebody but if it isn’t meant to be then you will find the right one. Keep yourself busy, don’t go searching for a replacement or someone to crawl under…unless that’s your thing…just do you. Have fun with your friends, do something you’ve never done before, smile at the cute boy that smiled at you but you couldn’t smile back at….just enjoy life. Try to avoid contact with them, block them if you can’t help but creep. I’m not sure he exact details but if you want to message me privately we can talk more about it. Just keep your head up because you never know when you’ll walk into a party and lock eyes with your LAST love. Stay strong Anon.

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TMI statement of the day:

I was in my yoga class earlier and we were laying flat on our backs but then quickly went into “plow pose” (look it up if you’re not familiar with that pose)

As soon as I kicked my legs up to put them behind my head I queefed. Like, a big ole queef! Luckily it wasn’t super loud but I felt it for sure! Gotta LOVE having a vagina! -___-